Early Years Alliance


This is a national charity with more than 30 years experience in the field of care and education for the under 5s. The organisation is financially supported by subscriptions, fundraising, and some grant funding from various Government departments, and it is a membership organisation managed by volunteers. Each day of the week hundreds of thousands of children go to Pre-Schools which are affiliated to the Alliance. Pre-Schools are unique because they harness the skills of parents in the education of their children. Each year thousands of parents enrol on courses organised by the Alliance, and take a step towards obtaining National Vocational Training.


To find out more about the National

Organisation, contact:

The Pre-School Learning Alliance,

The Fitzpatrick Building

188 York Way


N7 9AD 020 7697-2500



Become a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and send accredited representatives to vote at local Branch and/or meetings and to the national Annual General Meeting of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.Take such other action as may benefit the Association


Membership shall be of three kinds:

Family members: Parents or guardians of all children who attend groups run by the Association – each family to have one vote and count as one member

Associate Members: Other interested persons may be invited by the committee on a year to year basis to become associate – each family to have one vote and count as one member

Church members: Members of the church and appointed by the Parochial Church Council of St Catherine’s and St Paul’s, Leyton